Issue 136: Another new curriculum?

Yup. But we all know this now.

I teach young children – pre-school to age 11, so I’m not going to investigate the secondary level.

If you want to read it in full, you can find it here:

Don’t be scared – it’s only two pages long. In big print. With lots and lots of white space.

No levelling, no detailed assessment criteria, no specific examples of how you are expected to teach it. Just compare it to the Maths section (nearly 50 pages long) and be thankful.

So, for all the effort that has gone in to writing it, the only new additions that I can see are in the “Aims” section, where there is a requirement to teach the history of music, listen to great composers and performers, and that children should have the opportunity to learn an instrument (a reference to the Wider Opportunities scheme?)

Although this “Pupils will also be taught staff notation from the age of 7. If the changes are carried out, this would mean from 2021 every 14-year-old will be able to read music.” may be a bit of a challenge for teachers who don’t already read music…

music is boring!










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