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24/60 Using “this” to teach “that”

I’m currently teaching a whole class year 3 classical guitar group. That’s 30 children, sitting on chairs in three rows in the school hall, each encumbered by what looks like a guitar the size of a baby whale balanced … Continue reading

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Issue 114: Introduction to Easy-Peasy Chord building

So, what does       I  VI  II  V       mean? It is a chord progression, listing a sequence of chords built upon notes of any scale. If I show you how it works for C major, the easiest scale of all for … Continue reading

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Issue 50: The difference a real teacher can make

I started learning the guitar many, many years ago, with my brother’s discarded half-size guitar and tutor book; I think it was a ”A Tune A Day for Guitar”. At some stage I learned to play “House of the Rising Sun”, … Continue reading

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Issue 46: Sun Arise – progress check

I mentioned a while ago that I had chosen this as the whole school song for the end of year music assembly at a local school. It’s going well so far (touch wood, cross my fingers). I have a group … Continue reading

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Issue 42: Adventures with my New Guitar

Having accidentally bought a new guitar some months ago, I have been trying to justify the expense by using it a much as possible in lessons. I am delighted to discover that one of my favourite songs, “Sun Arise”, made … Continue reading

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Issue 32: One-chord Songs

As a rookie guitar player, well, in public, that is, I thought I’d start simple, and work up. All the following songs can be accompanied with just one chord. This also gives some scope for getting groups of children to … Continue reading

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