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14/60 Lead Sheets and Piano Lessons At the music service that I work for (when I’m not working for other schools or as a private teacher) we have been revising the piano curriculum that supports and underpins what we teach. For the first time, teaching … Continue reading

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2017/8 More Music for Ensembles

I teach a couple of mixed-age, mixed ability keyboard ensembles. Finding suitable mixed-age, mixed-ability ensemble music is a perennial challenge. The BBC Ten Pieces resources includes several arrangements of classical music for ocarinas, and I have selected the Mozart Horn … Continue reading

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98/100 Lovely Evening – 3-part round

Here’s another round that I will be using with my beginner keyboard ensemble. It works on a similar principle to Nanuma¬†except that the last line is even easier – just repeated Cs. That will be useful for when a new … Continue reading

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97/100 Nanuma – 4-part round

This is a traditional African round – you can find it in all sorts of places and song books. Here is one version – sometimes the top note is a B flat, sometimes it is a B natural. It is … Continue reading

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94/100 Memorization

A blog I follow is, written by Noa Kageyama. I used to be a great natural memoriser. My first piano teacher used to insist on learning all piece hands separately, in minute detail, before putting the hands together, and … Continue reading

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89/100 Teach the fingers ‘cos they don’t know what to do

I had a hilarious keyboard lesson last week with a beginner, a lad of about ten who has been learning for a couple of terms but not making great progress. He has been absolutely determined to be able to hack … Continue reading

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56/100 Those Mixed Keyboard Ensembles

This is my second year of teaching mixed ability, mixed age, mixed experience keyboard ensembles. There is a long history behind these groups, which is lost in the mists of time. The situation at the moment is that there are … Continue reading

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34/100 Rhythm Tapping

I follow this site as it is full of great ideas – I don’t use all of them, but it is always interesting to have a read and a think about their suggestions. And here’s one that I MUST share … Continue reading

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