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39/60 Preparing for the End of Term Nativity

I’ve set up the “teams” now for some of the carols at the end of term. The year 3 /4 class is responsible for playing the percussion I have put three of each different instrument in each carol; the The … Continue reading

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2017/9 When they stop practicing

Here’s an insightful blogpost from for dealing with those times when a student is unable to practice. Not so much for when they’ve lost the motivation or interest as when, through circumstances at home or at school, they are … Continue reading

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2017/4 Organisation

I’ve been covering for a colleague for the last four months, which has been interesting in lots of ways. One of the things that she handed over was they way she organises her paperwork. I remember when I was interviewed … Continue reading

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77/100 Grade 1 sight reading – with flats

A while ago I posted up a page of short piano pieces in C major for sight reading practice. The young student I gave them to rattled them all off to me in her piano lesson. This week, I took the … Continue reading

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60/100 The Rhythm Clock

A rhythm clock is a pattern of 12 rhythms arranged in a circle like the hours on a clock. Like this:   You can project this image on a whiteboard, and then start all kinds of fun learning activities. First … Continue reading

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59/100 Music Resources from Oxfam

  While on the hunt for music for “Cauliflowers Fluffy” I discovered that Oxfam have a whole load of resources for music – Hurray! I have copied and pasted this ENORMOUS link into my browser and found a host of Harvest … Continue reading

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58/100 Cauliflowers Fluffy

Today I had another go at teaching “Cauliflowers fluffy”. Yesterday I was able to stream the song, lyrics, backing tracks etc using my membership, as an interim while we searched high and low for the CD, which we will … Continue reading

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40/100 Useful Free Piano Pieces

I often use the Piano Time tutor books with beginners – book 1 works well for beginners aged about 8 and upwards. Did you know you can download extra pieces and sample pieces from the OUP website? This link … Continue reading

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