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37/60 Finger Puppets and Recorders

My finger puppets have been working hard. I was able to teach a class of thirty year 3 children how to play the note “C” in just a few minutes. This was in the seventh of a series of ten … Continue reading

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2017/10 Ocarina problems

I’m teaching a year 3 /4 class the ocarina this coming term. What could go wrong? Here’s the excellent tutor book that came with the ocarinas; which I have used with great success all last year. Ah, now you may … Continue reading

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Issue 105: Rabbit run on the frozen ground

This is a great little children’s song from Kentucky. I first came across is in Jo McNally’s “Young Voiceworks” anthology – a resource I go back to time and time again (Warm up and Stomp Cannon, Star light, star bright, … Continue reading

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Issue 82: Hot Cross Buns

This was the perfect seasonal vehicle for my year 3 ukulele and recorder class. So far we have concentrated on the notes C B A G on the recorder and our current project on ukuleles is getting to grips with … Continue reading

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Issue 79: Out of The Ark Comic Relief Song

Red Nose Day – Friday 15th March  I’ve had a great time teaching the Out Of The Ark Music Comic Relief song to several classes last week. It is available, with all the supporting material (Words-on-Screen, lead sheet, score, vocal … Continue reading

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Issue 36: Mini Beasts in the Pease Pudding

The “Pease Pudding Hot, Pease Pudding Cold” song has managed to get itself stuck in my head. This week it surfaced in a beginner recorder lesson in a class where the topic is “mini-beasts”. It is a useful little tune for introducing … Continue reading

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Issue 23: Winning the Battle with Beginner Recorders

And the battle is “you CAN read the music without writing the letters in”. I am bound and determined that my beginner recorder classes WILL read the dots on the stave, but sometimes it seems little a battle. Or pushing … Continue reading

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Issue 19: Mega Whole-Class Singing Activity – Singing Playgrounds

On the website, www.singup.org, is a set of playground singing games called “Singing Playgrounds”, which is a wonderful resource for at least half a term’s work. At its simplest level, there are five songs to sing through, which all work … Continue reading

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