Issue 105: Rabbit run on the frozen ground

This is a great little children’s song from Kentucky. I first came across is in Jo McNally’s “Young Voiceworks” anthology – a resource I go back to time and time again (Warm up and Stomp Cannon, Star light, star bright, Mr Wiggly and Mr Waggly, Squirrel Songs, On a log, are some of my favourites). I have found it to be well worth the money.

Anyway, back to these pesky rabbits. The version in Young Voiceworks combines the song with another little rabbit song and a chant – but if you want these you will have to buy the book. The “Rabbit Run” song is traditional, so I think I’m ok to give the tune and words here; (please ignore the bar numbers!)

Rabbit Run C major

So, where do we go from here?

I usually sing it in somewhere around D or E major, not C as given here. It makes a great little call and response song, for any primary school class. Teach it line by line, by rote, and listen to make sure that the children do actually change pitch for line one and line 2!

Once it is going well, I divide the class into two groups, taking turns at leading or responding. Or you can “sing” the responses in your “thinking” voice. Or play the responses on percussion instruments. Or play the whole song on percussion instruments, which is what I do for samba and djembe Wider Opportunities classes.

I’ve posted the song in C major, because I use it in Wider Opportunities clarinet and keyboard classes, and treble recorders, but written out an octave higher. I also use it in the key of G major to teach GABC’ and introduce D’ to descant recorder classes, or in D major to teach F sharp to descant recorder classes….   or in piano lessons to teach transposition or keyboard harmony (chords I IV and V will do the trick nicely).

What a great little song indeed!

Chatting birds

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