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Issue 97: Welcome to the Jungle

All the posts this week have been inspired by our end-of-term staff meeting of a few days ago. so, we have… inclusiveness making a samba kit from junk “Hey!” and “Ho!” a pulse and rhythm game there you go! Have … Continue reading

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Issue 97: Inclusiveness

We had our final staff meeting of the school year earlier this week, which included a presentation from a couple of people from Nordoff Robbins, the music therapy charity. This was a very useful session, with lots of food for thought on … Continue reading

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Issue 97: The Junk Samba Kit

Last summer I amused myself by creating a junk samba kit. I had bought a 15-player kit, but they are pretty expensive, so if I was going to teach a whole class samba I needed more instruments but at less … Continue reading

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Issue 97: Ho! and Hey!

This is a nice little game that we learned in the Nordoff-Robbins improvisation session; The leader establishes a steady pulse on their instrument, and everyone joins in. The rules are dead simple. When the leader calls “Hey!” everyone switches to … Continue reading

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Issue 96: Welcome to The Jungle

Ahhh – the summer holidays stretch ahead for weeks and weeks and weeks… Well…..NO. In my experience the time oozes past, and from having weeks of leisure and freedom from clock-watching and timetables, I suddenly find that there are only … Continue reading

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Issue 96: Cricket Rules – sung beautifully

Here are the rules: I have added some diagrams from Wikipedia in case they help…  

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Issue 96: Zum galli galli variants

Issue 96: Zum galli Galli variants I’ve given details of this pulse/circle game here. Compal essential peach   I’ve used all kinds of things for passing round the circle; the best are small flattish PE cones (the sort that are … Continue reading

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Issue 96: The Cup Game

At last! A chance to teach The Cup Game, which I first wrote about here. It was the last music lesson of term, and I had finished the topic that we had been working on, so I was looking for … Continue reading

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