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65/100 Pentatonic Composition

Here’s an idea for call-and-response pentatonic song composition. I started by teaching the song “Hill ‘n’ Gully Ride-a” – but you can skip this step if you like. The children just need to understand the concept of call-and-response; here’s an example; … Continue reading

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53/100 “So-mi” songs – Leo the Lion

I have updated the ukulele page with some more simple songs, using Am7 (open strings), C chord, and F chord, but, looking back, I haven’t published the notation for these songs before. So here are a few posts to get … Continue reading

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Sunday 19th April – RABBITS, CHICKENS and HENS

At a recent staff training day that I attended, I promised to post up a couple of songs that I use. Here they are:         The original post for this song is here, with some of the … Continue reading

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Issue 141: Si si si; and Call and Response Songs

This seems to be a theme of my lessons this term. Some of the songs I am using don’t, at first sight, fall into this category. I’ve been using the “Rabbit, run on the frozen ground song” in samba and … Continue reading

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Issue 35: Djembe Rhythms “Why are we waiting?” “Don’t Know”

What happens when you keep a music teacher waiting for their lunch? A djembe rhythm, of course. We all went out for a family reunion to a really nice pub (details available on request), but unfortunately we arrived at the … Continue reading

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Issue 29: Senwa Dedende

I have found this song in various books, including the Kodaly book “How Can I Keep from Singing”. It is also on the singup website at http://www.singup.org/songbank/song-bank/song-detail/view/9-senwa-dedende/. This is a lovely song, and works very well as a round – … Continue reading

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