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29/30 Teaching with a torch

I had a “light-bulb” moment the other day, when I was teaching a young lad who is good at playing by ear, but is finding reading the notes on the music hard work by comparison. This pen-torch happened to be … Continue reading

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28/60 Watching Ballet with Year 1 and 2

One of the many, many, sudden changes to my lesson timetabling was occasioned by a clash between gymnastics with year 5 and 6 in the hall, and my year 1 and 2 lesson in the hall. Well, music can be … Continue reading

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27/60 Active Repertoire

A recent post on reminded me that I had meant to do something about “active repertoire” If you go here; you can read all about it, and track back to the first post on this subject. The idea … Continue reading

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26/60 Curriculum from Civitas

I discovered this free download via tracking through a long series of teaching blogs – you know how it is – one thing leads to another…. There is this series of books, one for every Primary School year; which lead … Continue reading

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25/60 Manuscript Tape

I’ve just bought myself a little roll of stick-on, peel-off manuscript tape; (image from amazon, but I bought mine from for £5.99 – a bit cheaper than amazon) It was one of those sorts of things you add to … Continue reading

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24/60 Using “this” to teach “that”

I’m currently teaching a whole class year 3 classical guitar group. That’s 30 children, sitting on chairs in three rows in the school hall, each encumbered by what looks like a guitar the size of a baby whale balanced … Continue reading

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24/60 The Benefits of Teaching by Numbers/Letters

What!?! I hear you cry. Wasn’t the last post a diatribe against exactly this idea? Err, but nothing is quite as black and white as it seems. For example, teaching little five-finger warm ups (here I am wearing my pianist … Continue reading

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23/60 Teaching by Finger Number/Note Letter

Please don’t. I think it is is such a BAD idea… What has provoked this post, is taking on a number of young piano students recently. They turned up with numbers written over EVERY SINGLE NOTE in their pieces. Ugh. … Continue reading

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