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Issue 147: ‘So-Mi’ songs

Songs that use these two notes are the bedrock of early lessons in almost any instrument; clarinets – use G and E. Piano, use F and D. Ukuleles, open G and E strings. Descant recorders, C’ and A. Or G and … Continue reading

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Issue 60: Resource for Traditional Songs

I just stumbled upon this! http://www.bbc.co.uk/learning/schoolradio/subjects/earlylearning/nurserysongs My word, what a great free resource! You get audio, video, lyrics, and a link to a “Sounds Stimulus Library”. Definitely worth a visit, and not just for Early Years classes.

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Issue 37: Music Wish-List; Early Years/Keystage 1

First of all, I’d like a really big, light, airy space. Enough room for thirty kangaroos, or lions, or monkeys, or robots to strut their stuff all at once without fear of crashing into each-other. Which brings me to the … Continue reading

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Issue 28: Early Years – taking turns (hop hop hop game)

When one particular instrument, or toy, is specially desirable (such as the Big Red Boomwhackers or the Golden Shaky Egg), the only solutions seem to be hide the contested item, or persuade the children to take turns. Hiding  isn’t a real answer; … Continue reading

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Issue 18: Radio 4 – What a resource!

I was using radio 4 iplayer to catch up on “Book of the Week” broadcasts, and idly searched on schools and music. Talk about findng buried treasure! Wow! Here is the home page, where you will find all the material sorted by … Continue reading

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Issue 16: Early Years Music-Making – The Noisy Box

This is an idea I came across; You have a small, decorative box with a lid, which is the Noisy Box. You explain to the children that it is full of sounds. Then you open it up, “take out a sound” … Continue reading

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