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54/100 “So-Mi” songs, Bee Bee

Another So-mi song which I use all the time with classes up to the age of about 7 It’s well worth indicating the pitch movement in the melody, with Kodaly hand movements or just by moving your hand up, down, … Continue reading

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53/100 “So-mi” songs – Leo the Lion

I have updated the ukulele page with some more simple songs, using Am7 (open strings), C chord, and F chord, but, looking back, I haven’t published the notation for these songs before. So here are a few posts to get … Continue reading

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52/100 Brushing up on Sight Reading

  I’ve just bought some of the new syllabus ABRSM piano teaching books to have a look at what’s coming up for next term. So I open them up, and start playing through – and AAARGH! where have my sight-reading … Continue reading

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51/100 Recycling – listen and copy percussion game

I make no apologies for recycling an old post here – this site has been up and running for about 5 years and I’ve reached the point where I have forgotten more ideas than I realised. I was tracking back … Continue reading

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50/100 Paul Harris Simultaneous Learning

When this card came up in my pack of Paul Harris Practice Card, I though “What a Great Idea”   So much so, I copied it out and put it where I can see it on my piano. Later, a … Continue reading

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