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Issue 128: Plainsong

Since teaching a small church choir the chant for Ubi Caritas, to sing at the Maundy Thursday service this Easter, I have become quite a fan. Here’s Ubi Caritas, composed somewhere between the fourth and tenth centuries, according to wikipedia: … Continue reading

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Issue 128: Chunking up piano scales

The first “hands together” piano scales are actually the hardest ones to get to grips with. In fact I still remember being withdrawn from my Grade 2 piano exam, because I couldn’t (wouldn’t?) manage to do the proper fingering for … Continue reading

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Issue 127: Welcome to the Jungle

  Well, hi there, everyone!  Apologies for the long absence – you were not forgotten, in fact the Music Jungle was never far from my mind. It’s just that I’ve been unwell, with a series of colds and chest infections, … Continue reading

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Issue 127: The Ukulele is officially cool (or hot)

  Here’s the official youtube of James Blunt singing “Postcards” and here are the ukulele chords: Ugh! those chords look to be a real finger twister to a ukulele newbie like myself. But wait, what’s this? Click on -4 in the … Continue reading

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Issue 127: Samba compositions

I’ve been giving some thought on how to add a composition element to the Wider Opportunities samba classes I have been teaching. I’ve just six more sessions for one class, before we do a final “end-of-year” presentation. I am planning … Continue reading

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Issue 127: Angels

We stayed in the Abbey Gatehouse, Tewkesbury, for a few days before Easter. It is a Landmark Trust property, and you can find pictures of it here: I’m giving details, because it was such a lovely place to stay, … Continue reading

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