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The Music Jungle is an on-line music magazine, published weekly, covering the world of teaching music.

The articles represent the opinion of the writer, and every effort has been made to check the content, and details of prices, websites etc at the time of publishing. Any product reviews are the independent opinion of the writer, based on personal experience of using the product. Your comments are welcome, with the proviso that abusive or inappropriate comments will be removed forthwith!

All articles are copyright. You can contact us using the email address contact@themusicjungle.co.uk


The Writer

Teaches music in primary schools; class music, instrumental lessons and also the Wider Opportunities in Music programme

Teaches music privately; piano and theory

Accompanies candidates taking music exams

Can more or less play piano, cello, recorder, djembe, saxophone, clarinet, ocarina, violin, guitar, and ukelele. So far has been defeated by my didgeridoo.

The Artist

Originally chose music over art and went to music college to study violin.

Has returned to art.

Can play the didgeridoo.

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