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The Music Jungle is an on-line music magazine, published weekly, covering the world of teaching music.

The articles represent the opinion of the writer, and every effort has been made to check the content, and details of prices, websites etc at the time of publishing. Any product reviews are the independent opinion of the writer, based on personal experience of using the product. Your comments are welcome, with the proviso that abusive or inappropriate comments will be removed forthwith!

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The Writer

Teaches music in primary schools; class music, instrumental lessons and also the Wider Opportunities in Music programme

Teaches music privately; piano and theory

Accompanies candidates taking music exams

Can more or less play piano, cello, recorder, djembe, saxophone, clarinet, ocarina, violin, guitar, and ukelele. So far has been defeated by my didgeridoo.

The Artist

Originally chose music over art and went to music college to study violin.

Has returned to art.

Can play the didgeridoo.

4 Responses to About Us

  1. Claire Dodds says:

    I have just come across your magazine! Wow! This could be me. I work for Hampshire music service, travel around teaching primary curriculum music and the wider opps programme. The issues you have brought up faced by the “Visiting Music teacher” are so true and it has been heart warming reading your accounts. Music teaching in this way is a very lonely job and you rarely, if ever, come across another music teacher singing, dancing, moving, winging it when you hear the words “Oh no! you’re here this afternoon, can you do something with Y6 as Y3 are on a trip?” I do have a mental bag of tricks I pull out frequently but they’re getting a bit tired as I have used them so often, so new ideas always welcome. I will now spend some time looking at your ideas to refresh and uplift my own!!

    • Kirsten says:

      Hi Claire,
      Thanks for your encouragement! I’m sorry it has taken me a MONTH to reply – as you will well understand life gets more and more hectic towards the end of the Christmas Term.
      I’m so glad you have found the site to be useful – I shall continue to hunt up and share ideas as I find them.
      Good luck for the rest of term,

  2. Helen Martin says:

    Since changing from class teacher to music specialist this summer I have found this website invaluable, with so many great ideas. Thank you very much and please keep up the good work.

  3. Kirsten says:

    Hi Helen,
    So glad you found the site, and that it has been helpful. I can’t think of anything nicer to teach than music, but then I’m certainly biased. (And also very aware of the difference it makes to marking, levelling, SATS and all the other stresses of primary school life…!)
    Hope you are enjoying your new role,
    Best wishes,

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