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Issue 141: Welcome to The Jungle

Another week has flashed past – another round of recorder, ukulele, samba, djembe lessons, another set of class music lessons planned, taught and reflected upon. Thinking over the lessons is such an important part of teaching. Reflecting on what went … Continue reading

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Issue 141: Leaping about on a piano

Well, not literally, of course! No, it’s when you have to jump to a new chord. Step 1 is to KNOW where you have to land – seems obvious, but too often the student hasn’t really, REALLY learned the notes, … Continue reading

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Issue 141: Teaching young recorder players to read B and A

This worked brilliantly with a year 3 class. It came about because I couldn’t persuade my trusty “Recorder Magic Interactive” software to work on the class laptop in the 30 seconds that I had to load it and start the lesson, … Continue reading

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Issue 141: Si si si; and Call and Response Songs

This seems to be a theme of my lessons this term. Some of the songs I am using don’t, at first sight, fall into this category. I’ve been using the “Rabbit, run on the frozen ground song” in samba and … Continue reading

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Issue 140: Welcome to The Jungle

Ugh. My first full week of teaching this term. I was ready for an early night by Friday! That’s not “Ugh” because I don’t like the teaching, I hasten to add, but “Ugh” because I’m feeling a bit stunned by the … Continue reading

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140: More on Beethoven’s Fifth

I think that the important thing that I need to remember is that year 5 and year 6 children are exactly that – children. Some of them are probably still only 9 years old. I reckon that is my number … Continue reading

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140: The Telephone Song Lesson

  I’ve put this song in The Jungle before, but here it is again with chords. I had a great time teaching three year 4 classes, and then a mixed year 3 and 4 class to sing and play this song earlier … Continue reading

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140: Engine Engine, Number 9

I suddenly remembered this song when I was teaching ukuleles this week. You can sing the whole song to a C7 chord, which must be the easiest ukulele chord to play (a no-fail item in the end-of term showcase?). Strum … Continue reading

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