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38/60 Soler Fandango

I was given this book as a birthday present last month; and have just started listening to the suggested works for every day. I’m saving 1st December music (meltingly beautiful) for a post nearer to Christmas. The piece for 3rd … Continue reading

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26/100 Learning and teaching

  This is one of my favourite “teacher” quotes” I’m back on track with harpsichord lessons, after taking a break for a couple of months (there have been pressing family matters which had to come first). This might become a … Continue reading

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14/100 Getting my Harpsichord to “talk”

It’s been interesting learning how to make my harpsichord “talk”. Let me admit, first of all, that it is a Roland digital harpsichord (as distinct from a keyboard switched to harpsichord sound) so the touch is very forgiving – completely … Continue reading

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22nd September – New Term!

If I’d posted this tomorrow, it would be three months since my last post. No, I haven’t given up on this blog, it’s just that it’s been the Summer and I was more than ready for a break from school … Continue reading

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