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100/100 Breathless

With any luck I shall be visiting the Victoria and Albert Museum in January, especially to see this sculpture by Cornelia Parker; Here’s the description from the V&A link; ‘Breathless’ is a work commissioned specially from the British artist Cornelia … Continue reading

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99/100 We’re Going on a Bearhunt

I watched the animation of this famous children’s classic story on television over Christmas. It’s been written down by Michael Rosen and illustrated by Helen Oxenbury. I say “written down” rather than “written”, because, as Michael Rosen says himself, it … Continue reading

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98/100 Lovely Evening – 3-part round

Here’s another round that I will be using with my beginner keyboard ensemble. It works on a similar principle to Nanuma except that the last line is even easier – just repeated Cs. That will be useful for when a new … Continue reading

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97/100 Nanuma – 4-part round

This is a traditional African round – you can find it in all sorts of places and song books. Here is one version – sometimes the top note is a B flat, sometimes it is a B natural. It is … Continue reading

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96/100 Boxing Day – St Stephen’s Day

I’m a couple of days late, I know, but today I finally got a chance to listen to this track which had been sitting in my in-box. It is a traditional folk song about St Stephen, who is remembered on the … Continue reading

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95/100 Scales – Start at the top

Here’s a thing; Suppose the brain is like a battery, that runs out of energy when it is used; When your student is playing a scale, especially if it is a new one, (and I’m talking piano here because that’s what … Continue reading

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94/100 Memorization

A blog I follow is, written by Noa Kageyama. I used to be a great natural memoriser. My first piano teacher used to insist on learning all piece hands separately, in minute detail, before putting the hands together, and … Continue reading

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93/100 A Term of Ukulele

I bet you aren’t doing any planning for next term at the moment! Neither am I; as I am going to teach this next term. It worked like a charm for a 10-week year 2 / 3 ukulele programme that … Continue reading

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