93/100 A Term of Ukulele

I bet you aren’t doing any planning for next term at the moment! Neither am I; as I am going to teach this next term. It worked like a charm for a 10-week year 2 / 3 ukulele programme that I have just finished, so it should see me through at least the first half of the next term. I’ve not set it out in lessons, just as the material I used.

Aim; to teach open strings and the chords, Am7, C7, C, F and G7

Open strings; My Dog Has Fleas

Am7; Bee Bee Bumble Bee, Starlight, Star Bright, Leo the Lion,

C7; Engine, Engine number 9

C; A sailor went to Sea sea sea

C and C7; The telephone song

F; Ding dong, I got a rhythm in my head

F and C; Miss Mary Mack Mack Mack, Sambalele, My Hat it Has Three Corners

F, C and G7; I did Jingle Bells, but I’ll probably do Yellow Submarine this time. Or maybe 12 bar blues for a change.

I’ve done links to some of the songs, but if you search on them you will find other lesson ideas as well. Yellow Submarine you will have to find for yourselves (Copyright…)

Parrots singing "My hat it has three corners"


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