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59/100 Music Resources from Oxfam

  While on the hunt for music for “Cauliflowers Fluffy” I discovered that Oxfam have a whole load of resources for music – Hurray! I have copied and pasted this ENORMOUS link into my browser and found a host of Harvest … Continue reading

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58/100 Cauliflowers Fluffy

Today I had another go at teaching “Cauliflowers fluffy”. Yesterday I was able to stream the song, lyrics, backing tracks etc using my membership, as an interim while we searched high and low for the CD, which we will … Continue reading

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57/100 Ukulele extras

By the way, you may be wondering about this year’s weird post-numbering system; I promised myself (and you) that I would attempt to get 100 posts up in 2016. Back to the topic; I have discovered that I will be … Continue reading

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56/100 Those Mixed Keyboard Ensembles

This is my second year of teaching mixed ability, mixed age, mixed experience keyboard ensembles. There is a long history behind these groups, which is lost in the mists of time. The situation at the moment is that there are … Continue reading

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55/100 The New Term Starts – PLANNING!

I’ve been notified of my school classes for this coming year, and am beginning to schedule where I go to teach what and when! Always a tricky one. The school classes are sorts: Ukulele on Monday afternoons, Class Music on … Continue reading

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