57/100 Ukulele extras

By the way, you may be wondering about this year’s weird post-numbering system; I promised myself (and you) that I would attempt to get 100 posts up in 2016.

Back to the topic; I have discovered that I will be teaching ten 1-hour sessions of ukuleles to a year 2/3 class this term. A WHOLE HOUR! was my first reaction! I’m used to 45 minute sessions, but those extra 15 minutes…

WI’ll have to limit the amount of actual playing we do, as I have discovered that there are always some children in the group who strum so heavily that they give themselves blisters. I shall be doing all the usual games and songs, but have also devised a list of writing activities that they can get going on while I am wrestling with the technology (logging in, plugging in,) and tuning those ukes. Here’s the sort of thing that I have in mind;

  •   Draw a picture of a ukulele.  Label the soundhole, frets, strings, nut, bridge
  •  Make up new lines for “My Dog Has Fleas”
  •  Copy and clap these rhythm cards
  •  Make up your own rhythm cards and clap them. Each one must have four shapes on it. Choose from
  • See if your friend can clap them
  •  Make up a song about what you like to eat, using the tune of “Star light, Star bright”
  • For example, “I like chocolate cake, with some chocolate icing”
  •  Copy the chord chart for the chord C7. Now practice playing it. Take turns with a friend
  •  Copy the chord chart for the chord C. (1, 2, 3, easy-peasy-C). Now practice playing it. Take turns with a friend.
  •  Change the words of “Rain on the Green grass, rain on the trees, rain on the roof-tops, but not on me” to make a new song.
  •  Write the word FORTE in LOUD writing
  • Write the word PIANO in SOFT writing
  • Make some rhythm cards to play FORTE and PIANO

I’ve always got paper and a pencil case full of random pencils in my teaching back. The children can keep their work in plastic file pockets and take them away at the end of the ten lessons. I’m just waiting for them to ask “what is ‘soft’ writing’?…..” Have a look at this for ideas:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dNLAhL46xM  although you might want to be selective about which snips you share with the children.




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