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30/100 Learning Show Songs

It’s the less fun, less interesting part of music – when you are teaching the songs for a music performance. To children who are used to music lessons being a variety of activities – singing, pulse and rhythm games, listening, … Continue reading

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29/100 Listening to Music

I’ve noticed that when I ask children to listen to a piece of recorded music, that is not exactly what happens. They jiggle, interpret, pull faces, and generally react in a physical way. That’s sort of good, but, in my … Continue reading

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28/100 Singing games – “Over the garden wall”

Oh, I should have made it clear that it was Michelangelo who was 87 years old, not me, in this quote that I shared a few days ago. Anyway, how ever old I am, I still like to add a … Continue reading

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27/100 We’ve lost the key

Yes, turned up to teach djembe, to discover that The Key to the room where the djembes are kept and the lessons happen, was lost. I hung around for ten minutes or so while various people scattered in different directions, … Continue reading

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26/100 Learning and teaching

  This is one of my favourite “teacher” quotes” I’m back on track with harpsichord lessons, after taking a break for a couple of months (there have been pressing family matters which had to come first). This might become a … Continue reading

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