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25/100 Labelling – use Washi Tape

“What is Washi Tape?” I hear you ask. If you are asking me that question, you clearly do not share my Stationery Addiction. It is a Japanese version of masking tape, made with rice paper, and is Truly Wantable. Here … Continue reading

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24/100 Splatty finger Toy

I follow It’s a great source of ideas, and I love this one: “The Amazing Finger Exercise Cup” DO watch the video! With the sound on! I’m going to make some for my own students, and also as class … Continue reading

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23/100 “Daily” practice record

We’re issued with a pre-printed A4 sheet to give to students that we teach through Music Services.There is a box for writing down what the student is supposed to practice, and another box with 7 circles and a dotted line … Continue reading

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22/100 Star light star bright

I keep posting about this song; this term I intend to use it as a starting point to teach pitch and rhythm notation, and first steps in composing songs, to a year 5 6 class with 24 children. Investigation of … Continue reading

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21/100 “When I say ‘5’….”

The hardest part of teaching class music, I have found, is not the music teaching part at all. Take this all-too-familiar scenario; “Children, it is time to put the instruments away.” Your next words “Put the shakers carefully in the … Continue reading

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