22/100 Star light star bright

I keep posting about this song; this term I intend to use it as a starting point to teach pitch and rhythm notation, and first steps in composing songs, to a year 5 6 class with 24 children.

Investigation of the music trolley has turned up a challenging set of pitched percussion;

2 glockenspiels (one is missing a note, can’t remember which one at the moment)

5 one-octave sets of chime bars

another couple of C-G sets of chime bars

one set of “black” notes

6 ancient descant recorders.

I’ve got three descants of my own, I reckon I can borrow another 4, and I’m on the lookout for any other recorders I can find. I’ve also got 11 one-octave sets of wak-a-tubes and boomwhackers.

So I think this is going to be “do-able”!

Here’s the song:

starlight_2 The first line is the original song. The second line has the same rhythm (which means you can sing it to the same words) but some of the pitches have been swapped over. I have found in the past that once the children have learned the song, they can sing the second line at sight, and compose their own new tune using the two pitches.

The third line goes back to the original melody, but I have changed the words (and therefore the rhythm).





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