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22nd September – Engine Engine Ukulele

I’m not scheduled to teach ukulele until next term, but a colleague is away and needs her classes covered. It’s a small class, primary-school-age students, and “I was just beginning to teach them to read tab” I’ve discovered how to … Continue reading

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Issue 133: The Cup Song for ukuleles

This song is featured in the film “Pitch Perfect”, which I have to admit I have never watched. I have posted about “The Cup Song” before, because I do the rhythm stuff with paper cups in class music from time … Continue reading

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Issue 127: The Ukulele is officially cool (or hot)

  Here’s the official youtube of James Blunt singing “Postcards”  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DB7jsjt4Uec and here are the ukulele chords: http://ukutabs.com/j/james-blunt/postcards/?transpose=0#point Ugh! those chords look to be a real finger twister to a ukulele newbie like myself. But wait, what’s this? Click on -4 in the … Continue reading

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Issue 104: Sambalele (is a monkey)

This is a neat little song about a monkey. I’ve come across it in a number of different versions, all with roughly the same tune, but with varied lyrics and slightly altered rhythms. This is the version that I am … Continue reading

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Issue 82: Hot Cross Buns

This was the perfect seasonal vehicle for my year 3 ukulele and recorder class. So far we have concentrated on the notes C B A G on the recorder and our current project on ukuleles is getting to grips with … Continue reading

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Issue 79: Out of The Ark Comic Relief Song

Red Nose Day – Friday 15th March  I’ve had a great time teaching the Out Of The Ark Music Comic Relief song to several classes last week. It is available, with all the supporting material (Words-on-Screen, lead sheet, score, vocal … Continue reading

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Issue 57: How do you teach 40 children to hold their ukuleles?

How do you hold a ukulele? Well, it seems absolutely obvious to me. I have tinkered with a guitar, off and on, over the years, and although I am left-handed, I have always played every instrument the normal way round, … Continue reading

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