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20/100 The Samba Page

I’ve started a Samba Page on the Music Jungle. The sections are Favourite Tutor Book, Top Tips, Signals, First Samba Rhythm (Samba Samba We love to Samba) Songs to Sambas   I’ll be adding to it from time to time. … Continue reading

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19/100 Aeolian Harps

Last night we were treated to the excitement of “Storm Katie” – strong winds and heavy rain all night. We’ve just had our bathroom and lavatory refitted (I’ve been waiting 32 years for this, ever since we moved in!). One … Continue reading

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18/100 Starting a New Piece; Meaningful Learning

I’ve just started teaching a piano student the Ballade from Burgmuller op 100. This one: You can hear someone playing it here:¬† It’s pretty straightforward to teach the notes, especially as almost every phrase is played twice – I call … Continue reading

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17/100 Missing Words

I’ve a year 3 djembe class who need a lot of practice to develop listening and concentration skills. They struggle to learn some of the longer djembe rhythms, and their pulse keeping is not as steady as I would have … Continue reading

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16/100 What do you keep in YOUR bag?

Anyone who knows me is not surprised when strange things fall out of my handbag… I’ve currently got a stray ocarina, a samba whistle¬†and some cheapo finger cymbals rattling around in the deep dark recesses of my bag. And this … Continue reading

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15/100 1,2,3 It’s Good to Be Me

Great song for Keystage 1 and Early Years; It is on, and also on youtube here, with words and signing; and here, as a backing track and words only; I haven’t tried signing properly it yet. I … Continue reading

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13/100 Stone-passing game

I may not have got the tune or words exactly right – that’s what happens when things are transmitted by word of mouth. The words are (I think) from the Yoruba language in Africa, and go something like this: Obisana … Continue reading

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14/100 Getting my Harpsichord to “talk”

It’s been interesting learning how to make my harpsichord “talk”. Let me admit, first of all, that it is a Roland digital harpsichord (as distinct from a keyboard switched to harpsichord sound) so the touch is very forgiving – completely … Continue reading

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