19/100 Aeolian Harps

Aeolian Harp compressed

Last night we were treated to the excitement of “Storm Katie” – strong winds and heavy rain all night. We’ve just had our bathroom and lavatory refitted (I’ve been waiting 32 years for this, ever since we moved in!). One unexpected consequence is that the lavatory is now a resonant chamber for the wind blowing in the little window and escaping through the gap under the door – it HOWLS and MOANS and GROWLS and WHISTLES and generally makes an extraordinary sound. “Wuthering” doesn’t begin to describe it.

Something like this, but much nastier

In fact, it reminds me of the wolf note I get on my cello. I wonder if a solution is to build and fit an Aeolian Harp? Here’s how…


Well, not a solution that I can personally implement – my cutting and sticking skills are limited to paper and glue.

But this would sound a whole load better than the tormented howling we get at the moment.

Here are some you-tubes of lovely Aeolian harp noises…

birds on a branch divider

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