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42/60 A Surfeit of Christmas Concerts

The joy of working in several different schools is that you experience different school cultures, environments, collect new ideas, meet so many lovely people. But at this time of year I take a rather different view; Tomorrow (Saturday) is the … Continue reading

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81/100 Christmas Samba

With my fairly experienced year 5 and 6 class, I’ve been working on rhythms where the words start on the “up-beat” all term, based on a “desktop” samba taken from “The Singing Schools books by Maurice Walsh. It had word-rhythms … Continue reading

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Christmas Issue 116: Children go, I will send you

I’ve been singing this at various carol services in schools and churches this year. I got it from an old, out-of-print music scheme called “Ears and Eyes”, by Jack Dobbs, Roger Fiske and Michael lane, published by OUP in 1974. If you … Continue reading

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Issue 109: Three-Note Christmas Carol for Keyboards

Traditional Christmas carols are notoriously difficult for beginners to play. Take a Wider Opportunities Keyboard Class, (like mine!). They started in September, and we are still working out where to put our fingers on the keyboards. In about six weeks’ … Continue reading

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Issue 71: The “Mag and Nunc”

Clearly, the whole Christmas story should begin nine months before, with the feast of “the Annunciation” on 25th march, also known as “Lady Day”. This Christian feast celebrates the “Angel Gabriel” appearing to Mary to tell her that she has … Continue reading

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Issue 17: Gaudete – Steeleye Span

Years ago, I played this track to Keystage1 children in a music lesson around Christmas time.  The children were fascinated by the strong contrast between the gruff, strong singing of the chorus, and Maddy Prior’s clear solo voice in the solos.  (There … Continue reading

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Issue 15: Beat Box Nativity

If you are looking for something Christmassy to do, have a listen to this beat box version of the Christmas Story; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CyuzSzdpE38 For an instant Christmas Nativity rap, choose a well-known Christmas Carol and create a rap version. Add percussion, (vocal … Continue reading

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Issue 1: Favourite Recorder Resources

Everyone has their favourite recorder resources. These are the ones that I have used most over the last four years in large groups (up to twenty year 3, 4 or 5 children), Wider Opportunities classes and mixed recorder ensembles.   … Continue reading

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