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Issue 8: Mass Migration of Wildebeests

One of the QCA units for class music in year 3 and 4 is called “Animal Magic”.  It is a unit that I enjoy teaching, as it is easy to find suitable music to listen to, and there are so many opportunities for … Continue reading

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Issue 3: First Lesson of Term; Wider Opportunities; Lyons C Clarinets

We’ve done the warm up, the song, and the game, and it’s the moment the children have been waiting for. Everyone is persuaded to sit down; the clarinets are handed out with instructions NOT TO OPEN THEM YET.  The inventory numbers on … Continue reading

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Issue 1: First keyboard lesson of the year with a Wider Opportunities class

Oh joy! This is one of my favourite lessons of term! This is the day that the children are introduced to their keyboards; let’s not kid ourselves that any formal music teaching is going to take place but it is … Continue reading

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Issue 1: Favourite Recorder Resources

Everyone has their favourite recorder resources. These are the ones that I have used most over the last four years in large groups (up to twenty year 3, 4 or 5 children), Wider Opportunities classes and mixed recorder ensembles.   … Continue reading

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