Issue 109: Three-Note Christmas Carol for Keyboards

Traditional Christmas carols are notoriously difficult for beginners to play. Take a Wider Opportunities Keyboard Class, (like mine!). They started in September, and we are still working out where to put our fingers on the keyboards. In about six weeks’ time we will hit the Christmas, and there is an expectation that the class, or a small group, will be able to make a contribution to the Carol Service in the church.

Maybe, just maybe, a couple of the children will be able to play the first line of “Jingle Bells”. Maybe, just maybe, one or two will be able to play the whole of “Jingle Bells”. They are probably the ones who have been learning piano or keyboard outside school already. My experience is that most of the children will not really be confident of playing just the first 6 notes on E.

And it is not a “church” carol either. Enter Mary and her Baby Boy:

Mary Had a Baby (Black Notes, 2 verses)I am hoping that this arrangement of “Mary Had a Baby” might fit the bill. The children will just play some of the phrases, using the set of three black notes, F#, G# and A#. Everyone else can sing the whole verse. The organist can play the accompaniment, or I can create a backing track. Fingers Crossed.

the snake keyboard



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