Issue 109: Welcome to The Jungle

Half term has finally arrived, and a sort of break from teaching – sort of, because I have a couple of exam candidates who will hugely benefit from a couple of lessons over half term as their exams are scarily soon. There are also a couple of violin candidates who I will be accompanying in a week or so, and this is an opportunity to fit in a run-through to see how we are placed in good time to see what will be needed in the way of more practices.

It’s also a chance to take some time to reflect on the lessons of the last few weeks. I’m aware that I have become less patient, and maybe less observant, as tiredness took hold. There are things that I need to think about, and maybe new directions to explore in order to ensure that I cover everything in all the huge variety of lessons that I teach.

This week I have written about a new piano student, and the challenges that he brings, some ruminations on scales and arpeggios, and a response to the challenge of teaching Christmas Carols to a beginner keyboard class in time for the Christmas Carol Service.

Have a nice, relaxing week!

the snake keyboard

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