15/100 1,2,3 It’s Good to Be Me

Great song for Keystage 1 and Early Years; It is on www.singup.org, and also on youtube

here, with words and signing; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igmU0b65WCU

and here, as a backing track and words only; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYexa_3uFGc

I haven’t tried signing properly it yet. I just do actions vaguely related to the words.

NOW FOR THE FUNInteresting? Inspiring? Wow!

Early Years – issue them with small easy-to-use percussion, and see if they can just play on 1,2,3. This takes a bit of doing to start with (play with accuracy and control, if you need a reason for this in your planning). Their reward for getting it right is to bop and dance away in the instrumental.

Year 1 and 2

Divide the children into three groups, each with a different percussion instrument. Group 1 plays on “1”, Group 2 on “2” and Group 3 on “3”. (What I did was let the children choose from three different instruments, and then get them to sort themselves out according to instrumental type). This rapidly becomes hilarious – best done with plenty of space between the children and the groups. By the end of each song, the children were spontaneously leaping into the air as they played on (or close) to their number. Again, everyone bopped in the instrumental. I reckon this will be a good end-of-term celebration piece.

Much, much harder is for the children to sit in a circle, and play in turn on 1, 2, 3; so for line one “1 2 3, Good to be me, 1, 2, 3” Chloe, James and Ruby played, and everyone sang “Good to be me”, then Freddy, Mike and Alice.

Same again for line 2 (but different children, obviously). This soon sorts out which children are paying attention, and which are on Planet Zog. I did this activity several times with the children clapping when it was their turn, before dishing out the instruments. Also, singing it VERY SLOWLY at first will increase your chances of success.

The Teaching Assistant working with me zipped round the circle tapping each child GENTLY as it was their turn, which also helped a lot.

What it this all about? Focus, anticipating the words/actions, keeping the beat, playing with attention and control, working as an ensemble. And Great Fun too.

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