Issue 133: The Cup Song for ukuleles

This song is featured in the film “Pitch Perfect”, which I have to admit I have never watched.

I have posted about “The Cup Song” before, because I do the rhythm stuff with paper cups in class music from time to time.

ants playing "the cup game"

However, the chords for the song are ridiculously easy (by which I mean that even I can play them without breaking into a sweat) for ukuleles;

C, F, G7 and Am (I use G7 instead of G – it sounds ok, and makes it easier to get from F to G7 to C)

you can get the song and the chords here:

There are hundreds of versions of the cup song on the internet. Here’s the one when she’s cooking muffins;

If you hunt around, you’ll find tutorials for the cup actions – they are sort of really simple, but slightly tricky…

Great Wall of Chimebars

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