25/100 Labelling – use Washi Tape

“What is Washi Tape?” I hear you ask.

If you are asking me that question, you clearly do not share my Stationery Addiction. It is a Japanese version of masking tape, made with rice paper, and is Truly Wantable.

Here is the washi tape page on my favourite stationery site   (and yes, I will be emailing them with a link to this page of my blog in the hope of blagging Even More Washi Tape For Free.

MT 1P Basic Color gold washi tape


I will have to order some more as I have used nearly a roll of this in the past year. (Which is why I’m hoping that they will be persuaded to send my some for free!).

So, how have I used it –

you can write on it with biro or thin marker pen to label recorders and ocarinas and other instruments. AND THEN – here’s the magic bit – you can Easily Peel Off The Label Without Leaving Any Sticky Goo On The Instrument! In fact, you can ask the children to peel off the label themselves – they will be careful because they mostly want to save it – “where can we put this?”  “Just stick it on your shirt.”

TOP TIPS for Recorders: stick the label just below the little wind-slit on the mouthpiece, and write the child’s name as clearly as you can. You may be able to read it from where you are teaching, making it easy to say, “Joshua, other hand on top” rather than “you, no, you, no, no, back one, yes, that’s right, put your left hand on top”.

And if you are teaching Very Little People (aged 5 and under, and something I seriously try and avoid) then you can vastly improve things by sticking some tape over the thumb hole before you hand out the recorders, Trust Me on this.

TOP TIPS for Ocarinas: stick the label on the Left Side of the ocarina, as you are playing it. The you can identfy the holes as “on the label side” –  as in “put your fingers on both the left hand holes, the ones nearest your name label”, Of course, if they have got it wrong, you may even be able to read their name from the label “Mikey, other way, which holes are nearest the label? Well done”.

MT for Kids animal washi tape


I’ve used this one as a cheap source of “stickers on a roll”. It peels off the page pretty well, and a little piece folded over the edge of the page makes it easy to find which piece you are working on in an anthology.

Well, this is my 25th post so far this year. Which puts me back on target to deliver 100 posts over the course of 2016. I’ve a staff training day coming up – hopefully I’ll acquire some new songs and warm ups to share with you afterwards.

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