58/100 Cauliflowers Fluffy

Today I had another go at teaching “Cauliflowers fluffy”. Yesterday I was able to stream the song, lyrics, backing tracks etc using my www.singup.org membership, as an interim while we searched high and low for the CD, which we will need when we sing it at he Harvest Festival in church next week.

Today I found a battered red CD with a label stuck inside the cover; Cauliflowers Fluffy track 32, and thought life would be easier. No such luck. The CD has had a rough life, and now goes

“c-c-c-c-auliflowers fluf-f-f-f-f-y, cabbages-bages-bages-bages green”. The internet was down so I taught it unaccompanied – what a good job I’d had the chance to get a handle on the tune yesterday. I must be the only primary school music teacher in the country who hadn’t actually sung that song before.

There are a lot of words in the song for the children to learn. Yesterday I tried having pictures of all the vegetables to use as sort of flash cards. Perhaps the main failure was asking the children (year 1 and 2) to draw the vegetables on whiteboards? The cabbage was represented by a couple of leaf shapes, when I was expecting something more like a football. The marrow, (“fattening hour by hour”) was instantly recognisable, but that is becuase the only person in the room apart from me who knew what one looks like is the very artistic teaching assistant. Sadly, the child who took on the job of being “Mr Marrow” had changed his mind before we had got to verse three…

Today, with the older children, I tried hand signs to describe the vegetables. It’s quite hard to pull a face while singing “rhubarb sour” but a lot of the chldren can do it.  I was particularly pleased with “runner beans flat”… making my fingers run through the air and snap shut on the word “flat”. Well, I know the words now, even if the children aren’t too sure.

Three challenges left;

  • somehow get my hands on the music before next Friday,
  • train ALL the children to sing “turnips cream” instead of “turnips scream”
  • persuade them NOT to do the funny faces and hand mimes in church.

No sweat.

Edible Cauliflower & Olive Sheep-So cute

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