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56/100 Those Mixed Keyboard Ensembles

This is my second year of teaching mixed ability, mixed age, mixed experience keyboard ensembles. There is a long history behind these groups, which is lost in the mists of time. The situation at the moment is that there are … Continue reading

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39/100 Ukulele – Miss Mary Mack

And again, yet another lesson based on Miss Mary Mack… How often have I used this song before? Every class I have ever taught, probably. This time round, with a year 4 ukulele class, I used it to teach the … Continue reading

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Issue 87:”My Hat it Has Three Corners” for Ukuleles

The song, “My Hat, it has Three Corners” featured in the very first issue of The Music Jungle. I realise that I’ve been singing a slightly different tune recently, so here it is again: It’s an action song: make a … Continue reading

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