100/100 Breathless

With any luck I shall be visiting the Victoria and Albert Museum in January, especially to see this sculpture by Cornelia Parker;

Sculptural installation - Breathless

Here’s the description from the V&A link;

‘Breathless’ is a work commissioned specially from the British artist Cornelia Parker for display in the new British Galleries. It was specifically designed to fill the oculus or open space newly created between the two floors of the Galleries in a corner. It is made of 54 defunct brass band instruments which have been squashed flat and hung from wires. They are designed to be seen from both above and below, with polished upper surfaces and tarnished undersides. the work is an attempt by the artist to explore such ideas of duality as silence/noise, upper class/lower class, and death/resurrection.

I can’t wait to see it for real. Here’s another article about it from the BBC.



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