22nd September – New Term!

If I’d posted this tomorrow, it would be three months since my last post.

No, I haven’t given up on this blog, it’s just that it’s been the Summer and I was more than ready for a break from school music, school teaching, school children…

But I haven’t totally abandoned music… I’m hoping to start taking lessons very soon, on my latest extravagance;

A Roland C-30 digital harpsichord.

A what!!!!!

I’ve wanted to have a harpsichord since I first touched one at a friend’s house when I was about seven years old. Over the following years I’ve had maybe half a dozen opportunities to verify that yes, I still want to play. If I’d been braver, I might have had harpsichord lessons at University, but I was too shy.

Now, having got a harpsichord equivalent, I’ve been steadily trashing my piano technique trying to get the hang of the new way of playing. It seems to me that everything I do by instinct on the piano (cantabile, legato, phrasing) has to be turned on its head, which is why I’m having lessons to find out how to get the right sound.

I’ll let you know how I get on.


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