23rd December – Happy Christmas


Well, last term was a bit of a washout if you were looking for MusicJungle posts, and I apologise. Home and family events conspired against me – something had to “give” under the strain, and this was the “thing” that “gave”.

However it looks as though we’re all back on an even keel again, and I’m trying to get back on track. I’ll add “Updating The Music Jungle” to my New Year Resolutions.

Hey, don’t laugh! I’ve managed to keep ALL my New Year Resolutions for the last couple of years!

Here’s what they were for 2014 and 2015;

  1. Eat chocolate at least once a week
  2. Take two bags (any size) of stuff (any amount) to the charity shop every month
  3. Write up my daily diary/journal every day (even if I end up writing three days in one go to catch up)

So I’ll add The Music Jungle to the list for 2016 – say – “do at least 100 posts between 1st January and 31st December”. Let’s just see how that goes.

Meanwhile, to get things started, here’s a little 2-part round I put together. A colleague was out of action all term, so her work was shared out between us. That meant I suddenly found myself running a small choir. This was one of the things we sang at the end of term:

Christmas Catch - 2 parts

We sang this through in unison, as a round, and then segued into Jingle Bells. (Hope you noticed the “Jingle Bells” bit when both parts are sung together at the same time!)

It was a close-run thing but I have bought the last of the Christmas presents just before the shops shut today.

I hope you have a good time over Christmas and the New Year – I’ll be back in 2016




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