38/60 Soler Fandango

I was given this book as a birthday present last month;

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and have just started listening to the suggested works for every day. I’m saving 1st December music (meltingly beautiful) for a post nearer to Christmas. The piece for 3rd December is this amazing harpsichord piece, the Fandango by Soler. Oh Wow;

soler fandangoI listened to it one-and-a-half times on Sunday 3rd December. The half is because I glanced at the clock and realized I needed to abandon my coffee and toast if I was going to get to church in time to play the first hymn – I was the organist on duty at the early service! So I had another go at hearing the whole piece (ten minutes long – a marathon) later, in the afternoon.

I need that music!

I have that music!

If you go to the website of the British Harpsichord Society, www.harpsichord .org.uk, you can find a link to downloadable scores. Oh happy, happy discovery.

I’ve printed off the first 6 pages, of 36 pages, to start learning it from today.

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