Issue 140: Welcome to The Jungle

Ugh. My first full week of teaching this term. I was ready for an early night by Friday!

That’s not “Ugh” because I don’t like the teaching, I hasten to add, but “Ugh” because I’m feeling a bit stunned by the combined experiences of the week. I have classes ranging in age from infants up to year six, and group lessons, and individual lessons, and back-to-back “carousel” class teaching where the children spend the afternoon going from kick-boxing to ukulele or samba (that’s me) to drama. Plus the travelling in between from school to school.

This term I’m teaching in eight schools. I load up prepared for infant percussion, djembe, samba, descant recorder, treble recorder, ukulele, keyboard or piano, depending on where I am and when. Not forgetting my packed lunch, sound system (if I need it) and mp3 player.

Oh, and I did forget my mp3 player – left it in a local school, which necessitated some speedy re-thinking of all the next day’s lessons until I could go and rescue it. Oof – that was a tricky day!

I have created a new page for the site, where I am steadily listing all the songs I use for beginner ukulele lessons. I shall try and add to it every week. Eventually I plan to do this for other instrument groups as I go along.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this week’s posts.

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