Issue 147: ‘So-Mi’ songs

Songs that use these two notes¬†are the bedrock of early lessons in almost any instrument; clarinets – use G and E. Piano, use F and D. Ukuleles, open G and E strings. Descant recorders, C’ and A. Or G and E when exploring the lower notes. Not forgetting playing singing games to develop pulse skills.

Anyway, the next problem is finding songs and games using just these two notes. So, Look what I have unearthed!

This website is worth a good look. I found this page when I googled “so mi songs” or something similar.

Bethsmusicnotes has got a lot of fun-sounding songs and games, and some interesting Early Years Lesson Plans – check out Macaroni and Hippety Hop to the Candy Shop. Capuchin plays the recorder

I’m about to start teaching Year 2 recorders, so, as well as my tried and trusted Recorder Boppers Starters resource, I’ve a whole load of new ideas to tinker with. Job Done. Very Pleased.


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