28/60 Watching Ballet with Year 1 and 2

Romeo Juliet ballet 1

One of the many, many, sudden changes to my lesson timetabling was occasioned by a clash between gymnastics with year 5 and 6 in the hall, and my year 1 and 2 lesson in the hall.

Well, music can be taught in the classroom, whereas gymnastics definitely can’t. I didn’t even open my mouth in protest.

However, it meant that I was now completely re-thinking my “music and movement” to feel the pulse lesson “in real time”. After a few pulse and listen and copy activities, I had a brainwave. We listened to part of “March of the Knights” from the Prokofiev “Romeo and Juliet” ballet (on the wonderful www.classical100.org website which I posted about here ) and made up a sort of story about the Knights marching around while families were having a picnic in the park. We were able to act it out, marching around in a menacing fashion between the tables, and then all sitting on the carpet or wherever there was space in the dance-like sections.

Romeo and Juliet 2

Then I found a youtube clip and put it on… howls of protest because the choreography wasn’t a bit like our story. The lesson could have capsized then and there, but luckily we were able to have an interesting and lively discussion about how the music expresses moods, but doesn’t tell you the story unless you know it already.

The lesson did capsize, luckily just in the final minutes, because “the men are wearing tights!” Fits of giggles… but the children (not all, but mainly girls) who Were interested in the dance managed to “shush” the riotous laughter and the children became involved in the ballet again.

It did give me an idea of how to re-shape the lessons for the rest of term…

Romeo and Juliet 3

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