26/60 Curriculum from Civitas

I discovered this free download via tracking through a long series of teaching blogs – you know how it is – one thing leads to another….

There is this series of books, one for every Primary School year;

Product Details

which lead me to the associated website


which lead me to this page;


with this pretty diagram


and by clicking on the MUSIC heading, I arrived at a downloadable PDF which you can go straight to here


It is a comprehensive curriculum for primary school music teaching, last revised 2014. (If you click on a violin, you get just the music curriculum for that year). I’m not saying I shall follow it exactly, but I have found it very informative and will certainly take note of the ideas and suggestions.

I image quite a few of the class teachers will already have copies of the books in amongst all the other stuff in their resources cupboards; that’s high on my list to investigate when half term is over, as there are also a goodly number of teaching activities, some of which you can see on the main website.

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