Issue 35: Djembe Rhythms “Why are we waiting?” “Don’t Know”

What happens when you keep a music teacher waiting for their lunch? A djembe rhythm, of course. We all went out for a family reunion to a really nice pub (details available on request), but unfortunately we arrived at the same time as another large party, and so service was – shall we say – leisurely. That was ok – we had a lot to catch up on. However, this rhythm appeared and put itself into my notebook.

It’s not that easy to read my jottings, so I have written it out neatly-ish below.

I briefly toyed with messing about with Sibelius or creating tables, but there are times when pen, ink and plain paper are the quickest and easiest solution. 



The opening call and response came from the rhythm “Why are we waiting?” Don’t know!”


T means tone; B means Bass; T/S means tone or slap.


I haven’t identified the hands as left and right, but as 1 and 2, to accommodate left and right handed people. (When I am teaching, I usually refer to “your BEST hand” and “your “OTHER hand” – I have found the children to be woefully incapable of working out which is left and right…)





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