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35/100 Practice Starters

Paul Harris has a list of publications as long as my arm. Here is my new “toy” Now, don’t laugh; I was ordering a couple of books of music, and needed to add a little something so that I didn’t … Continue reading

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Issue 112: Coffee and a Chat

Here’s a nice little warm-up activity, for exploring all kinds of musical elements including improvisation and dynamics. Everyone sites in a circle. In the middle you have two instruments. They can be anything; I often use a couple of xylophones or … Continue reading

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Issue 88: Boomwhackers in Sunday School

Now, this is something I did in Sunday School in church this morning, but before you skip straight to the next post because you are not interested or involved in church, stay with me just a moment longer. My “topic” … Continue reading

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Issue 37 Improvisation – Olympic Sports

Try creating musical sequences which describe different sports. You can use vocal sounds, body percussion, school percussion, or whatever instruments you are teaching. Here are some ideas; For example; rapid sounds on a woodblock – running rubbing your hand across … Continue reading

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Issue 29: Senwa Dedende

I have found this song in various books, including the Kodaly book “How Can I Keep from Singing”. It is also on the singup website at http://www.singup.org/songbank/song-bank/song-detail/view/9-senwa-dedende/. This is a lovely song, and works very well as a round – … Continue reading

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