Issue 2: The “Putting Your Clarinet Together” song

Teaching thirty-five children to put their clarinets together, simultaneously, is a real test of control;  your class-control skills, and the children’s self-control skills, never minding other important skills such as “listening to instructions” and even “following instructions”.

You need to have made sure that they all understand that, when they open the cases for the first time, they are to LOOK and NOT TOUCH!  Otherwise, at the sight of the gleaming and incomprehensible array of metal and “wooden” bits and pieces, all nesting in the lovely plush interior of the case, the children will immediately seize them and start pushing them together in random order.  Result; bent keys, holes lined up any-how; chaos and confusion.

This cheerful little ditty was hastily composed on the spur of the moment to provide a framework for orderly assermbly of clarinets.  I have deliberately avoided using technical names, i.e. “upper joint”, “lower joint”  for some parts of the clarinet, as ”big piece” and “nose piece” made more sense to the children at this early stage.

(The “nose” is the key between E and D that you have to hold down when assembling the upper and lower joints – to me it looks as though the rings around E and D make a pair of pince-nez spectacles with a nose between the frames of the lenses).

Putting the Clarinet Together Song blog_0001


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