Issue 9: Welcome to The Music Jungle

Hello again!  There is a distinctly mathematical appearance to this week’s issue of The Music Jungle.  The first one looks at using “Multi-link” cubes for creating graphic scores with Keystage 1 children.  I used them this time with a Year 1 and 2 class, but have also used it before in lessons with Reception children.  A Keystage 2 class (year 5 and 6) composed and performed a great little djembe piece based on multiples, which they created in their maths lesson.  Finally there is an article on how to draw the circle of fifths that I teach to all my theory students.  This results in a weird and wonderful diagram which looks as though it belongs in a textbook belonging Hogwarts.  There is something magical in the way it is constructed, and also how it provides the answers to so many theory questions.  The diagram is easier to draw that to describe, so I hope my instructions are clear enough!

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