Issue 19: A Bit of Nonense

In the grand tradition of English Comic Verse, and with apologies for all deficiencies in rhythm and metre, I offer you the following bit of doggerel. I put it together to re-use some of the illustrations from the 2011 issues of The Music Jungle. I will snail-mail a tiny and insignificant prize to the first person who gets in touch with us via and correctly identifies the source articles for all the illustrations.


A Music Lesson Gone Mad


What a noise! What a din!

Someone’s let the monkeys in

And round and round and round they run

Until they find the African drum.

Elephant’s child is in a bate

‘cos no-one wants to stop and wait

While he mends his clarinet

Which broke when he, unmindful, stepped

To left, instead of to the right

To avoid the beetle, just in sight

Who called out “Watch it! Stupid boy

Couldn’t you hear me shout ‘Ahoy’?”


Here comes that monkey, it can’t keep still,

What is that shriek, so loud and shrill?

Arrrgh! Oh no! He’s found the recorder.

(Ear muffs and aspirins are now in order.)

The parrots flap about and add

Their powerful squawking to the mad-

ness that engulfs the room.

It doesn’t help when they start to zoom

Above the rumpus down below

Where frayed nerves begin to show;

This is what happens when the teacher leaves

The children to do just what they please!


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