Issue 22: Dallas Symphony Orchestra website

A colleague reminded me of this website, created by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, for children;

I used to use this site a lot, and then sort of forgot about it. My colleague was enthusing about it as a source of pictures and soundclips of orchestral instruments (particularly for illustrating the various instruments while listening to “Peter and the Wolf” with her class) so I have just revisited the site.

It has been considerably updated and is full of great ideas. There are the sound clips and pictures as before, and a mass of resources. Check it out! There is far more on their site than is sensible to list here.

The Dallas Symphony Orchestra has an advertising campaign titled “Turn Life Up”, featuring short (less than a minute) musical passages, which they have uploaded to YouTube. These are very useful for listening and discussion;   “Two friends gossiping”.   “Getting out of bed”   “A Texas thunderstorm”   “The morning commute”





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