Issue 22: Welcome to The Music Jungle

Last lesson idea for Chinese New Year coming up! Also a really neat rhythm game for improving focus and concentration, and a brilliant web site for everything orchestral.

The Short Samba course is continuing well. We have spent three lessons on a basic unison rhythm played by everyone, with sections being started and stopped in order to showcase the sounds of the different instrument groups, and have just started a simple set of different rhythms for each group, roughly based on samba reggae. The highlight this week was sitting back and watching the year 6 class completely organise themselves (in only their third session) in order to practise for their first performance. One girl was the leader, directing the whole performance unaided, and the rest of the group followed her signals beautifully. What was so impressive was the way she dealt with sections when they got out of time; stopping and restarting them with great skill and confidence. How great is that!

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