Issue 23: Welcome to the Music Jungle

Nearly six months since we started! How about that then!

I have learned a massive amount about al sorts of things since starting The Music Jungle. Writing a couple of articles every week has made me be far more reflective about how I teach, what I am trying to achieve, how to get the results I am after, and what to do about the results I get!

I have also enjoyed researching various ideas for the Music Jungle, checking out websites, trying out resources, watching to endless youtube videos (have you seen the viola player improvising on the Nokia ringtone, when a phone went off in the middle of his concert? Google will find it for you).

I would never have thought of going on Twitter, but @theMusicJungle is there now, and that has been an introduction to a whole world of interesting websites – not just to do with music. I am now following several tweeters (including @DailyMusicQuote) and blogs for amusment, or information, or to cheer me on my way.

So, in this week’s issue; Intentionality in music practise (I keep an eye on Gerald Klickstein’s blog, Cathy Berberian’s “Stripsody” as a starting point for compostion, and learning to read music with the beginner recorder groups.

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